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About Me: Dj Will Power

Sun Light

Everyone calls me Will. I’m from New York, The Bronx. I live in Orlando, FL. I DJ, play guitar, sing, rap, make beats/produce music that doesn’t fit in one genre – The Future of Hip Hop, Funk, Soul R&B, Jazz at the core ..I could take it anywhere – -sometimes Rock n Roll is the energy, maybe Reggae/Tribal/Island vibes or dance tempos is the flavor. A lot of times I find out as I’m creating it.

I’m studying full stack web development at UCF in a coding boot-camp, learning  HTML5 to CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJax, MySQL, Node, Express, and then some. It’s an extremely challenging experience. Getting my own website with GDI is what sparked my interests in this field. There are a lot of great pre-designed blogs and website templates, but I love creative freedom – to style objects exactly how I want them a web page or app. Since joining the course I’ve grown in awe of the programming aspect of coding JavaScript and routing information to circulate from a user response to a server and back to the user. I suppose that’s the mathematical/analytical trait of me, being a virgo.

GDI has a great MLM structured membership to their network that includes a unique domain name on their server with emails@your-domain-name. It’s a very inexpensive way to get your feet wet with an MLM. I’ve discovered, regardless of the income potential, those who excel at generating an income with any MLM are those who treat it like a business. With that requires time – that one will need to dedicate themselves to understanding the product, and the patients to discovering ways to targeting the market, AFTER you’ve decided on the profile of the potential customer you’re marketing too. I seem to break up to make up with the drive to persist to reach income goals that are substantial enough to keep me out the corporate rat race………and HEY!!! here I am again, in [D] drive. I’ll talk more about GDI in later posts. In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can look around the links in the sidebar of this blog that will direct you to a GDI presentation, where you can create a domain name and join me in my network, if you’d like.

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